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Special Announcement:
Sgt. Heatherly's widow Ruth Heatherly Pendergrafh recently found a 1953 West Point Class ring in his personal effects that were sent to her after he was killed in Bon Song on June 6th 1967. She contacted a West Point Association that finds the original owners and returns the rings to them. Ruth flew to Tampa, Florida to personally return the ring to the owner Colonel Rolfe Arnhym US Army retired. He was in the 1st Cav based in An Khe in 66/67. He was with the 1st of the 7th Inf. Bn.
The ring was returned to Colonel Arnhym on November 10th at a news conference in Tampa Florida.
The following is a website that has the story about the West Point ring being returned to its owner:
Vietnam veteran reunited with West Point ring WTSP

Other info about Sgt. Heatherly:

SGT E-5 Darrell W. Heatherly
541st Transportation Company (Light Truck)

Sgt Heatherly -was born in Springfield, Tenn¨essee on 10 February 1942. He entered Military Service on 13 March 1959. Being hit by shrapnel at 0600 hours on 6 June 1967, Sgt Heatherly was killed at LZ English while getting water for his men.

Panel 21E - Line 61

Here is what I wrote home that night:

6/6/1967 We had trouble up in Bon Song. The ammo dump blew up and one of our sergeants was killed and a new lieutenant lost his hand. He was here only a month. One of the mechanics was hurt. We have about 18 or 20 guys staying up there in two tents. Both of the tents and all their clothes were destroyed. We had 11 trucks up there in the motor pool and one was destroyed and the others have a lot of holes in them.



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