541st Transportation Company

541st Vietnam Veterans meet the Current 541st Soldiers at Ft. Campbell.

I was contacted by the company commander CPT Tompkins of the present 541st TC. He invited the Vietnam Veterans from the 541st to visit them at Ft Campbell. We were shown their trucks and other equipment then treated to a great cookout. We also got a tour of the Don F. Pratt Museum-101st Airborne Division on the base.
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The 541st Transportation Company's website. is dedicated to the men of the 541st with the hope that it will provide inspiration and assistance to all.

The Christmas list is the foundation of this website and the wellspring for all that flows from it. The list contains the names of all the men on the 541st Transportation Company Roster on Christmas Day 1966.

The list provides a rare opportunity for the men of the Second Wave (we were the replacements for the original company of men) to re-unite. It provides us with the opportunity to compare an entire group of men who served together at one time in the Republic of South Viet Nam. We will be able to compare many things; such as, health issues, social and economic differences to name a few. It allows us to educate not just the men of the 541st Transportation Company, but all that served in the Viet Nam War and effects of the war on the men of the 541st Transportation Company and American Society ever since.

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Des Jardins trying to talk Chumlee into speaking at 541st Reunion if we ever put one together.
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